Crystal Moon Healing

Laurel Berube

Certified Crystal Healer Practitioner

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Reset Mini Retreat

Join us for an afternoon retreat at Rocky Ridge Retreat. Come and enjoy a guided yoga journey through the chakras. Rebalance your energy with guided meditation. Learn about different crystals, their meanings, and how they can support you. Discover the chakras and how they affect your well-being. Experience a full-body crystal healing to bring you balance, peace, and deep relaxation through chakra cleansing and visualization. Enjoy refreshments and crystal-infused tea or water, while we share in a safe space. Finish the afternoon with a reset of your energy centers as you enjoy a mini reiki treatment. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed ready for the fall routines.

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Helping you feel your best

Hello Beautiful Soul, I am Laurel Berube, a Crystal Healing Practitioner. I fell in love with crystals and their healing power after my third child as a way to rediscover myself and purpose. Facilitating Crystal Healing is my calling to support the ones I love and the community by guiding you through your own healing journey with support and safe space.

I am a busy mom of three and deeply understand the importance of taking time for yourself and reconnecting to your mind and body for emotional and physical well-being.


Here are a few examples of how I can help you:

Emotional Balance
Deep relaxation and meditative state
Help guide you through releasing trauma
Exhaustion and sleep issues
Improve mood and energy
Align with your highest self
Feel balanced physically, emotionally and mentally

Crystal Healing Session

We start with an aura reading to gauge where you you may have energetic blocks and make a healing session just for you. I handpick each crystal based on your concerns to help you achieve your goals. No two sessions are the same!

In my healing room or Virtually

Crystal Grids

I can create a crystal grid for your intentions to help you realize your goals and potential. Do you need more abundance in your life? Less stress? Better sleep or dream recall? 

I can also make grids for your home or gifts